360 Panorama

This is a 360 degree picture of the layout. Apologies for the heater, it keeps me warm in the winter and the pint glass, well you need refreshment when you are a train driver. I need to keep this as a reference as the early beginnings of the new layout. I think that this picture is pretty whizzy I hope you like it.

This picture is a bit of a hoot now that I have really looked at it. It was taken by the boy prior to Chrissy and the new locos and whilst I was still running in the track. That probably explains the carriage that is lying on its side! No criticism of the splicing but we do have a phantom carriage dissappearing into the track at one point, two printers and a picture of me adjusting my shiny (nickname for a cheap anorack for working in the workshop. Lots of other bits but overall interesting I think. Good reference for later work on the layout.

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