Smaller Extension

Well it all happened in a very short space of time. the original extension went across the whole of the workshop which meant that you had to limbo to get into the middle:

It wasn’t the limboing that annoyed me it was just that I was effectively cut off from the rest of my workshop. Difficult to get a beer out of the fridge, change the radio, play a CD, answer the phone, access the work bench etc. I was not happy so I have modified it by removing the connecting peice to the far wall.

I am now left with a smaller but still viable extension, The initial layout will mean that the extension layout does not connect to the original layout. Given the right level of enthusiasm and the will power to totally rejig the origional layout I could turn it into a single layout but this is sometime in the future.
[url=][img][/img][/url] I have ordered the extra rail and they will be available sometime early next week. I also found out that there is a train fair on Sunday in Poole so there is a chance that more “essential” purchases are to be made. And I am still awaiting the City of Glasgow – there is a touch of madness in the air I do believe. More track….. more trains….. Christmas is coming, presents are in the air…more trains, more rolling stock. Its more addictive that smoking.

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