Bite the Bullet

I knew when I posted the last news item on the smaller extension that the idea of running the extension as a separate layout was really a non starter. It has to be connected to the main layout to make any sense at all. This will mean lifting all the track on the RHS of the layout including the carriage sidings completely. Also all the track from the front of the layout around to the stations on the RHS. I intend to keep the small inside running track as is. The new track will run from the stations straight into the first extension, then loop onto the new extension and then back to the old running line. The new double running tracks will be kidney shaped so I just hope that the HD rigid track will be able to fit. The next problem will be fitting in enough sidings to allow storage of new trains which was the original intent of the new extension.
The first job will be raising the track, cleaning and sorting ready for relaying then removing the ballast, grass, trees shrubs etc to get back down to the base board. Then the building will start. Looks like it could take the whole of the winter. Still I do have the time and I can still run the odd train on the small inside track to test out new purchases etc and also just to run a train occasionaly. The weather here is terrible with rain and sleet so just the day to start the project – when it will end is more of a mystery.

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