Operating the New Arrivals

The Flying Scotsman
Following a service and the correction of an intermittent short circuit. the Flying Scotsman now runs very well. It has a plastic body with the motor in the loco. It is nicely detailed with fine hand rails and good detail on the loco and the tender. Probably not as good as HD and nowhere near the quality of Wrenn but very satisfactory. The only questions I have is this an original 3 rail (it has a Marklin pick up) and about what year was it made. Any one who knows please reply through the comments section
Comments on Mallard are below Mallard. Now tihis is probably the disappointmet that I expected as it is a tender drive. This makes it noisy and has a tendency to stick on the bends and also to de-rail as there is no weight over the loco. I can see why the manufacturers went to tender drive, for standardisation of motors, but the running effect is poor.
The other intriguing thing is that this model seems slightly larger than the HD model of Sir Nigel Gresley, although they are both OO. The extra detail on the plastic loco, such as the safety valves and the footplate roof ventilators, make the model more realistic,but as a runner it doesn’t compare with HD or for that matter with the Flying Scotsman. Was`this a genuine 3 rail loc or has it been converted? This one also has a Marklin skid.
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