Mallard – further comments

The running of the Mallard has been improved. taking the body of the locomotive reveals that the weight which is attached to the loco by a screw in the smoke stack is also the fixing point for the body. Now that is cheap. Anyway tightening up both screws has allowed the front bogies to run better with the result that it no longer sticks on the bends and runs reasonably well although still very noisily. I currently have it on one of my more out of the way sidings as I don’t see this as being a prime runner.
I am now convinced that both locos are 3 rail conversions as they still have the insulated wheels. They do make an interesting addition to the rolling stock although I think that I will still go after a HD Mallard and replace the Trix, but I need to re-stock the purse so it won’t be for a while yet. Anyway with the good weather coming, time with the trains will probably be reduced somewhat.

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