Tomlinson Park

Paul Thompson has been around 3 rail for many years and in fact painted, extremely well, my BR green 2-6-4T 80135. Here are some of his videos on Tomlinson Park his 3 rail layout.  He also has a garden railway and takes great videos of that as well.

2 thoughts on “Tomlinson Park”

  1. I am a 3 rail enthusiast rekindling my HD childhood memories when I was bought them in the sixties.
    I want to contact the Dublo runner to ask the following question but can’t seem to find an email address.
    My layout is 48ft x 11ft, and so quite extensive
    I am renovating an old Trix Twin class 42 diesel and want it the same colour as my other HD diesels, only they seem to be a lighter shade of green than the standard BR green available
    Can you help?
    Thank you

    1. Not all diesels are the same shade.
      Bo-Bo closest is Railmatch 1300 loco green
      Co-Co and Co-Bo are Railmatch 300 BR Standard loco green.

      Colour will be close but never the same due to ageing

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