Continuing the Trix Theme

Late in the UK steam era British Railways introduced their new colour scheme of blue and grey for their carriages and there are many colour photos of these carriages behind steam trains. So I decided that was a good enough reason to add such a train to the layout.

These coaches should have BR roundels on them but Trix had the “Arrows of Indecision” as they were introduced later, however the previous owner had removed them on these coaches so they fit in well.

I think that they make a colourful and authentic addition to the rolling stock.

Then I continued my Trix theme by buying a Trix 3 rail Warship.

To the Trix scale, smaller than OO larger than HO, this looks OK and is shown pulling the Trix coaches. Despite its heavy metal body and traction tyres this is not a powerful runner and is very picky as to how well it runs. I have found that it only goes in reverse on the down track, other directions and tracks result in bogie induced derailments. Work is underway to produce a good runner on all tracks in both directions.


5 thoughts on “Continuing the Trix Theme”

  1. Now is the time to complement this Trix train by adding British Rail porters to platforms with their new “Africa Corps” uniforms.

  2. Sorry you had no responses on this … I try to ‘look in’ monthly when I remember and seek and find inspiration.

    Regarding the Trix Warship- I have a couple of these running on my Dublo 3-rail. It was suggested to me to run them with plastic coupled stock (like HD Super-detail coaches)
    to ‘isolate’ them from otherwise earthing, and that seems to help running.

    I do get occasional stop-start issues across points, but that’s not bad for something 50-60 years old!!

  3. Just a visit from the USA to say Great Site! I am a Trix TTR, and 3 rail Express, guy on their newer track, but have been moved to pick up an HD starter loco….even if its just to look at. I’m pretty sure that with a swap of a couple of feed wires it will run on the Express track.

  4. A Fleischman Warship looks about right when coupled to a tale of Trix/Lilliput coaches.Only a slight scale discrepancy.

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