69550 is the running number of the last but one 0-6-2T engines made by Mecanno for their Hornby Dublo range. First introduced in 1938 at the beginning of Dublo, the 0-6-2T engine was based on the LNER N2 but never designated as such by Hornby, probably because they introduced the same loco in LNER, LMS, SR and, slightly modified,  GWR liveries.

All these models have no coal in the bunker. This continued after their re-introduction post WW2 and also into the change to BR, Then in 1961 they produced a BR version with coal in the bunker as 69550 in 2 rail but continued with 69567 in 3 rail. This version has a small area under the safety valves (the same as all previous 0-6-2Ts) It was available in both early and late BR livery. The final fling was in 1963 when they changed to a large area under the safety valves. Production ceased at the end of 1964 when they were taken over by Lines Bros (Triang). The running numbers did not change.

So this is one of the not very rare 1961 versions, a 2 rail body on an old 3 rail chassis which is very playworn and with no front coupling but after a minor service it goes like all these engines, fast and strong and it was a bargain, so a useful addition to the loco roster.


4 thoughts on “69550”

  1. I am not sure this is even the right place to ask this – I am hopeless with computers.

    Anyway, as a newby just starting to build a tiny layout, what is the best source of suitable track pins please? I have used No 4 x 1/2 inch screws, countersunk, to start with but they look ugly & create shorts.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks……………Michael Griffiths

    1. Michael,

      That’s the screw I use. Never screwed in too tight otherwise it deforms the track and this can lead to shorts. In general use I have not had a problem with shorting. Mine were not even countersunk. Not sure that I even notice mine. Anyone got a better suggestion?

    2. Those are a good choice of screw. As to looking ugly, the simple solution is to take a piece of track to a paint store where they can match any colour. Make up a sample pot of latex paint to match, and then paint the screw heads!

      It’s using modern technology to your advantage.

  2. Many thanks for your reply Tony. I would just add that the cross head screws are countersunk, & are not countersunk into the track. However this evening I have devised a new (to me) way of fixing the track down which, if successful, I will pass on to you.

    In the meantime, reading your notes on 69550 I have found in my ‘bit box’ a similar loco which has no coal in the bunker numbered 69567. It is in appaling condition with parts missing but which I will restore in time. Is this loco particularly rare or have any other merits other than being extremely battered?

    As you may have guessed, this is great website, I am hooked!

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