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    1. Hi, best to buy a new Marklin skate from gaugemaster as the new ones are extremely well insulated and they are only £4.95

      Remove the wire from the two rail pick up at the motor end. Try to keep the 2 rail pick up in place and earth the wire. Make sure that the two wire pick up and wires are insulated well from the new Marklin skate. Solder a wire to the skate and thread through the chassis and solder to the motor. On the bottom of the loco there are two motor retaining bolts. Remove the rear bolt and bolt the skate. If tou can find a nylon 6BA ( I think its 6BA) bolt then there is nothing more needed. Just use this bolt and attach the skate. If you cant find one then you have to make sure that the bolt is completely inuslated from the chassis otherwise you will get a dead short. To earth the two wire pick up you can use the front motor mounting bolt The use of a nylon bolt makes this a very easy conversion so its worth trying to get hold on one.

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