Hornby Railway Collectors Association

If you are interested in Hornby trains made by Mecanno then you really should join the HRCA. You get:

A full colour magazine featuring O and OO gauge trains and accessories written by the experts in their field

A yearly publication of all people who provide spares and can repair you trains

and now

Access to the HRCA website which is a magic wonderland of all things Hornby

Pdf copies of all the HRCA magazines from 1969 onwards which you can read online or download

A forum where you can ask any question you want and get a reasoned reply

Copies of track plans, operating instructions and more.

The HRCA has grown up and come into the internet world and is now really worthwhile.

The cost is

Subscription Fees:

The subscription year begins on the 1st May and all subscriptions are renewable by this date. The subscription amount is agreed upon at the Annual General meeting, taking place in February. If you join after May, you will have to pay the full subscription for the current year, but will receive all the journals published up to the date of joining including a copy of the current Spares and Repair Services Directory.

Membership prices (2010/2011):

United Kingdom £27.00
Other countries in Europe £33.00
Rest of the World – Surface Mail £30.00
Rest of the World -Airmail £38.00

The Magazine is very good, the Spares Directory has everything you need to keep your trains running and the website is now well worth visiting. Go to the HRCA website and join.

14 thoughts on “Hornby Railway Collectors Association”

  1. Hi,

    A friend of mine is looking at selling off part of his Hornby and Trix collection.

    Both sets are from the 1950s/1960s and are in immaculate condition.

    If you know of any Hornby/Trix collectors who would be interested in these boxed toys, could you let me know and I will do a list on Excel and email it to you.

    Many Thanks

    Adam King.

  2. Whilst not wishing to deter anyone joining the HRCA (I was a member), it should be pointed out that I found there was a distinct bias towards 0 gauge in the articles and contents. As an 00 gauge modeller I felt distinctly uncatered for – maybe it’s changed – I hope so.

  3. What a fantastic site just what I need. Yes I can say 0 guage was at one time to the fore but over the last two years Dublo has had it fair share of coverage in the HRCA. The points you make about the track are very helpful. I had a Truro never-was from an Airfix Kit fitted with a Motor it ran in the shop but certainly never on my metals.

    This is a great site keep up the good work.

  4. i recently got my train set back from my fathers house after 53yrs being in his attic. I am 62 and want to get the set working again.It is on a 6ft x4 ft boarding.Many engines ,rolling stock ,3rail track ,3 transformers.I am looking for a contact who would visit and assess the electrics.For payment of course.

  5. I understand that the Hornby railway station was modelled on the old Ashburton Station (Devon) which now is in danger of being demolished. Would your association be interested in its preservation. The old engine shed also still exists. The station in Ashburton was the terminus of the branch line connecting the town to Totnes. It seems a pity to lose an interesting part of our heritage.
    John Douglas

  6. I have a couple of hornby dublo R1 locos in green and black, with the dublo side hooking couplings, could anybody tell me what year these could be, I’ve always suspected them to be around 1960. any help would be appreciated.

    1. James

      Introduced in Juky 1959 they were the very first Hornby Dublo 2 rail engine. It was based on the ex SECR R1 Class tanks famous for their work on the the Folkestone Harbour incline. They were never released as three rail engines. They were introduced as both green and black variants although the green was a purely fictitious livery. They were continued by Wrenn after the takeover by Triang. In the News section there are pictures of three conversions of theese engines.

      1. Thanks for that, it’s answerd a question I’ve had in my mind for a VERY long time. hope I can trouble you with another ” brain pick” how close is the wrenn reproduction body for the R1, In terms of colour & transfers etc, My green one has the left hand side cab step missing, or has anyone uot there got a broken off step or ruined/useless body, I think I’d rather stick one on for the purpouse of originality. where is the “cheapest place” I could buy the wrenn item. thank you again, James

        1. James,

          Wrenn went to town on the ex HD 0-6-0T. They definitely used the same body and chassis as dublo and even the same engine numbers and then they added more. So as far as I know they sold a black 31337, Southern Green 1127, Green BR 31340, LMS Crimson Lake 7420, Shell Silver no number, Esso Red no number (not absolutely sure about this colour). The modern Wrenn company G & R Wrenn http://www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk/Locos.htm
          are still making bodies for this loco but at £115 for a pair do not come cheap. Ebay always has example of HD and Wrenn items for sale with the HD items being much cheaper than the Wrenn version. Sometimes there are just bodies so worth watching out for them.It would seem that the green BR version is rarer than the black version. I don’t think that you have a chance of a step only you will have to buy a new body at least. Best to put on display with the missing steps on the far side, if you are running it then you wont notice once its rattling along.

  7. hi i have been looking for a loco pre war tender coupling the flat oval shaped one for a sir nigel gresley pre war . does anyone know someone who i could buy it off . thanks john

  8. just a enquiry where can i get the electric e3000 diesel with the pantograph,3 rail, blue in colour as per the hornby dublo companion book?
    also wot would be a good price to pay for one?.
    have tryed auction houses but no good, can anyone help me in this matter.
    thank you for your help.

    1. The E3002 was never made as a 3 rail engine. It is rare and very expensive. Michael Foster’s book states that 4,000 were made with 2500 being sold in 1964 and 1500 were in stock when Meccano were bought out. Converting one to 3 rail would devalue it. Following the takeover by Triang a modified HD body shell was used on the Triang E3001 but this had the Triang motor bogie. These are available at a more reasonable price and can be converted to run on 3 rail. That assumes that you are a runner rather than a collector. Tony Cooper, http://www.coopertrains.com/hornby-dublo-locos.html has one for sale at £595. he also sold a new unused one on ebay back in May for £987. A good Triang E3001 can be had for around £100.

      Good hunting

  9. I am shortly to move house and need to get rid of lots of stuff. I have several dublo 3rail engines (inc Sir N G 1952) some rolling stock and a lot of track etc. I am not an enthusiast but would prefer to sell these items to properly interested people.
    If anyone would like a comprehensive list please contact the website and I will forward to David
    David Jewitt

  10. Hi, I am after some information on a Hornby Dublo LT25 L.M.R. 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive and Tender. I also have a Great Western green locomotive which I don’t have any information about. They were my stepdad’s who has recently passed away. Can anyone help? Thanks, Kristen.

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