New HRCA Site

Well everything they said would happen has happened. There is now a members section on the HRCA website which if you are a member you can join and then there is are forums for General, Dublo and O gauge. Excellent stuff and you can post photos. Only slight problem at the moment is that everyone seems too shy to actually post anything – but I am sure that it will start up fairly soon.

Very well done to all concerned and I just hope that the members appreciate it.

I am looking forward to NiccNDT posting his pictures of his beautifully re-painted engines which I think might have been lost in the transfer from the MSN Groups.

I would really like a Neverwazzas topic so that the runners amongst us could post our Dublo hybrids. I might just start it myself but compared to some out there my ones are a bit low level.

I think tha the topic would be acceptable as the last two editions of the Collector had articles on Kit built engines and the A? that was made as a limited edition.

Anyone up for it

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