I like my website. Its an innocent record of an old man playing with the trains he had when he was a kid. I have found there are many other people out there who do exactly the same thing and we are kindred spirits. I hope my web (blog) site in some small measure brings like minded people together to enjoy the innocent past time of playing with old trains. But all I get is spam, pornography, viagra etc etc posted under my comments section. At first they were posted so my site looked like a porno site so I stopped that as all comments had to be approved by me. Even that change became a very time consuming exercise with over 20 spams per day having to be deleted so I put in some filters. This improved the situation to the extent of only having to delete two or 3 of these stupid emails every day. What I have done now is stopped any anonymous comment posting. This has completely stopped the spam but means that genuine readers of my website have to be in open mode when they make their comments. The best way is to join the website, I will approve your application and then you will be able to make comments.

I know that this is a pain for you but receiving so much rubbish and having to delete it every day was a total pain for me. So we will operate in this mode for a while, perhaps after a period I can turn it off and the spammers will forget that my website exists. Some hopes.

So to those who log in to my site and want to make a comment I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have no commercial connections of any sort so your email address is safe with me. All I want to do is share my pleasure in playing with old trains to other people – seems simple but some people make it a pain,

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