London transport 0-6-0PT

My most recent acquisition is a 0-6-0PT ex GWR running in London Transport colours. This is a Hornby locomotive converted to three rail. It is an excellent conversion with very good running over all points and X crossings. The dissapointment is in the original engine which was body coloured in red plastic. The colour is wrong and the area under the tank is red also. I have painted this area under the tank in black and I am convinced that it does look a lot better. The red colour should be more maroon but I don’t really know how to weather it to this colour so it will have to remain as it is. These engines were always used for freight and engineering movements and lasted past the end of steam on British railways. So overall pretty pleased with another good runner even if it shows that Hornby back in the 70’s weren’t really making very good models.

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