Another little tank engine

There has been no new engines since last year and although there has been a couple of new sidings nothing new to put in them. Well ebay has come to the rescue with another little tank engine. This time its a Trix E2 0-6-0T converted to 3 rail running. The seller was unsure whether it was a Trix but checking through the TTR website confirms that it is with catalogue number 1108, which was a 2 rail loco. The date of introduction is not given but it came out at about the same time as the GWR 0-6-2T which I also have. It has a plastic body although it is not very detailed and is missing its running numbers. The number on the smoke box shows it to be 32103. The real let down of this model are the wheels which are solid with the spokes superimposed on the solid wheels. They look terrible when stationary but OK once they are moving around the track.

The prototype was built by the LBSC (London Brighton and South Coast Railway) in 1913 and was one of a small number built 10 in all to replace the E1. The first 5 were built like the model although the second 5 had extended water tanks and a cut out to give access to the motion. There is a picture of 32109 (the later type) working at Southampton Docks. The early ones were also used for push pull services between London Bridge and Crystal Palace. The engine was in the middle with 3 coaches being pushed and 3 being pulled. This was too much for these little engines and they were soon moved to more usual duties moving empty carriages around at Victoria station. The conversion has been done very well and it is a very good runner even over my two dodgy points which seem to catch out some of the converted locos. So another Southern tank engine to add to the Hornby M7 and the Hornby Dublo R1 class both converted to 3 rail running.

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