Triang 3MT

I also bought at the same time as the M7 a Triang 3MT also converted to 3 rail. This conversion was a very difficult one for Mike as there was insufficient room under the chassis to mount either a Marklin skid or a HD one. He has got round the problem by making from scratch two plunger pick ups. These are smaller that the plunger pick ups used by HD on the Castle and others so there is less width and also they are not that springy. I am not at all sure that this is going to meet the criteria of being an acceptable runner. It might need some more weight, or something – it will be an interesting project for the long winter evenings.
This is a Triang engine but it might have been repainted as the original ones were lined out as shown clicking on the 2-6-2T and going to the second page. It certainly doesn’t look like a repaint perhaps the lining was removed, perhaps I have a rare one (most unlikely) perhaps more research will show that Triang made an unlined one as well, it has the same number.
This one definitely requires more work.

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