Tank Engines

To continue with the collecting theme. One of the problems with the Dublo set up were their tank engines. They made the N2 0-6-2T prewar and post war and using the same engine they painted it in all the big four liveries plus BR. The N2 was a LNER engine used both in Scotland and North London, most of them were fitted with condensing gear and they were used both for passengers and freight. The problem is that this was the least detailed, most toylike of all the HD locos without even any coal in the bunker (until right at the end of its production). The other liveries aren’t very convincing and basically they all look very similar. In addition the 0-6-2T configuration was not the most popular for small multipurpose engines with 0-6-0, 0-4-4,4-4-0 and others being far more numerous.
Dublo concentrated on fast, top link express trains and ignored the small branch lines which criss crossed the country with a small tank or tender engine pulling a couple of coaches. They did bring out an 0-6-0 towards the end but this was available in 2 rail only. There most impressive tank engine was the 2-6-4T which was a BR standard 4MT. This was well detailed an excellent runner and was found through out British Railways from Scotland to the SR. So this is excellent for branch line running but was a bit powerful for some of the smaller lines although they did operate on the Brockenhurst to Lymington branch line for a while.

The net result of this is that I have augmented my collection with suitable branch line engines. The Gaiety made GWR 0-6-0PT was everywhere around the GWR and then the Western region with over 800 prototypes being built. I run it either with a small freight or a single coach and a vent van.
Next there is the Collet 0-6-2T from Trix which is another ex GWR tank engine used for branchline work. This is a good Trix model with detail of the same quality as the HD 2-6-4T.
Then I have 2 of the HD 0-6-0T,s converted to 3 rail one in black and one with a Wrenn Southern Railways livery. These are not very powerful having a plastic body but cope nicely with a 2 coach suburban train.

More to come

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