Improved Running

I have 3 locos which do not run that well. The LMS 2-6-4T actually runs OK but is very short of pulling power, the A4 Pereguin will hardly go when it is cold but gradually speeds up after a few circuits of the track and the A4 Sir Nigel Gresley with the wrong coloured repaint which has never run since it was acquired at an auction. The latter loco was deemed to require a new armature.
I recently bought some magnets from South Pole Magnets which are neodymium, never need remagnetising and are x times stronger than the normal HD magnet – if true then really magic.

My first change was to Pereguin – immediate and rapid movement. My next was to the LMS – much much faster than it ws before but still need to check its pulling power. The third was the non runner – which immediately became a runner, not probably the best on the layout but before it would not even move.

They really are magic and only £8.00 for three.

So we have the magic blob to improve running and now the magic magnets also to improve running. It will be the Hogwarts Express next!

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