Peregrine – Info on prototype

Peregrine was the last (34) Gresley A4 to be produced on 1/7/1938. It was one of the last four to be fitted with a double chimney. This means that the model is incorrect. The other main problem is that the number plate on the front of the loco was not fitted until after 1948. Now to the black wartime livery. There were in fact 3 war time liveries:

Scheme 1/. Unlined Black with L.N.E.R. on the Tender. Applied from November 1941.

Scheme 2/. Unlined Black but only N.E. on the Tender. Applied from August 1942.

Scheme 3/. Unlined Black but with L.N.E.R. again displayed on the Tender. Applied during the period April to August 1946.
Amazingly Peregrine received all three of these liveries. So what we have is the 1942 livery modelled on a re-painted Silver King. In fact this engine was re-named Lord Farringdon in March 1948.
Enough of all this the model looks good and after some extensive running no runs well – not the best but OK and getting better. It makes a great addition to the layout.
It should also be noted that Wrenn made an A4 in this livery but I don’t think that it was Peregrine.
The other purchase remains dormant awaiting a new armiture.

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