City of Glasgow arrives

The Wrenn City of Glasgow duly arrived today. It is in very good plus condition, with no chips, rubs or missing lining. The Box is pretty good too. No pictures as it has gone to Mike King for conversion to 3 rail. This will probably take a week or so.
The layout planning on the extensions has begun. A continuous 2 rail running track has been laid with some thought for where sidings will go. The angle between the original ovals and the extensions makes for some difficulties as the HD rails are very inflexible. I am not sure that we are at all close to the final set up but at least I am putting rails together. I am currently out of rails but Brian Godwin has rung to say that he has the rails I need so I just need to collect them. Initial pictures to be posted soon, probably in a new album which will follow the progress of the new extension.

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