Lyme Regis – information

Lyme regis was one of the Southern Railways Pacifics designed by the chief engineer Bullied. The originals were all built with airflow bodiies (streamlined) as pictured in the gallery on the Merchant Navy Class, Lamport and Holt Line. The airflow bodies were removed as well as many other modifications after the nationalisiation of the railways in 1948, soon after this Bullied left to go to Ireland.
So Lyme Regis was built in Sept 1945 and numbered 21C109 as an airflow. It was renumbered in April 1949 as 34009 by British Railways. It was rebuilt in July 1960 and taken out of service in Oct 1966.
So what Wrenn produced was a rebuilt Lyme Regis in Southern Green but not the right green which should have been Malachite, much darker, with Southern markings and a Southern number. In this configuration it should have been in BR Brunswick Green as 34009. But who cares it looks great and runs well

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