Summer on the Railway

The weather here has been very good so lots of gardening, mowing etc and little time to play with the trains. However planning is underway for the autumn/winter activities. With the additiond of Flying Scotsman, Mallard and 80135 there is now no sidingd left to store trains or engines. So we have got to the more track more trains syndrome. So its more track. The plan is to build a new layout behind the current one to fill an area the width of the workshop, some 15 ft and about 3 ft wide. This will allow an access area in the middle etween the two layouts. It would be nice if they can be joined together to allow cross running but this might be difficult both electrically and phsically with the track constraints of HD. I have bought on ebay a collection of track which is a starter pack for the new layout. This includes the large radius curves which will allow parallel track running around the layout with the sidings and stations in the middle. A new framework will have to be contructed alllowin acces both to the middle and to allow the stuff stored under the layout to be accessed. I think that I will be calling on Jamie’s carpentry skills to assist with this part of the project. Once i get the track I will begin to lay it out on the floor, or perhaps the table tennis table to work on potential layouts and to make sure that it is in good condition. This project will not start until at least October probably when the clocks change and it becomes dark at 4.00 and before it gets too cold.

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