Hornby Dublo Layout

Hornby Dublo was made by Meccano Ltd of Liverpool from 1938 to 1964. A 2 rail version was introduced in 1959 although 3 rail locomotives were still made right up to the time that they were taken over by Triang (Lines Bros) in 1964.
Collectors range from Mint and Boxed collections of single items, boxed collections of train sets and people like myself who collect as many peices as possible for the intention of running them.
It is a thriving hobby with a main association, the HRCA, and many swap meets and fairs plus a thriving trade on e-bay.
I have a reasonable collection of most of the less rare items mainly as I am not prepared to pay silly prices for old trains regardless of how “collectable” they are meant to be.
My layout has three running tracks with three sidings. The one on the left has a turntable, engine shed and goods platform. The inner track has 6 sidings with a passenger island station. There is also a siding on the right hand side mainly for passenger trains but also with a small goods yard.

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