Hornby Dublo N2 in LNER Green Livery


HD Duchess of Montrose, Hornby St Dinidan, HD Dorchester, Wrenn Lamport & Holt Line


Bristol Castle


Dutchess of Atholl






Stanier Pacific A4 – Sir Nigel Gresley


Standard 4MT 80054 with an oil train
N2 0-6-2T with Breakdown train in background


Neverwazza – Fowler body on 2-6-4T chassis



Southern 0-6-2T – Prewar


Stanier Freight Engine 8F



Wrenn – Lamport and Holt Line


The no number early Deltic Co-Co



Wrenn bodied 2-6-4T


Wrenn 0-6-0 Diesel shunter


Wrenn – Lyme Regis in fictional Southern Livery


4MT 2-6-4T Repaint as 80135 in Brunswick Green as seen on Heritage Railway








































6 Responses to Photos

  1. Alan Rhead says:

    This is quite the most magnificent HD web site that I have come accross; I am just about to resurrect my HD 3-rail and find your experiences and news just what I am looking for. I am based near Warwick and hope to start building this Spring (2011);

  2. paulo jacinto says:


    Recently I had the luck of finding two big boxes of hornby dublo trains and tracks, and etc, that some one was going to leave in the trash, and for me and my son with 4 years old has been quite exciting, it´s already all working however, some locos as the duchess of atoll does not work as the smaller locomotives, and i don´t know what to do

    • admin says:

      I am no mechanical expert and send all my locos for service and repair rather than trying to do it myself. If you are in the UK Google Hornby Dublo Repairs and you will be directed to two or three sites which will carry out repairs for around £20 – £25 plus postage.

      I f you are not in the UK then this could be more difficult. If you let me know where you are I will try and help you further. Do the locos move when power is supplied? This is a key question. From this answer I hope that I will be able to give you a list of things to try.

  3. Denis Middleton says:

    Enjoy your website greatly. Have played with video on my 3 rail Dublo layout.
    Below is a link to an effort I posted on You Tube.

    • admin says:

      This is a genuine link to a very good video. Looks as if I have my work cut out to get near to this standard and that of Ron. I will give it a try.

  4. Denis Middleton says:

    Thanks ‘admin’ for your kind comment. During filming I had a problem with one coach. Wonder if any viewers noticed the difference between the number of coaches entering the tunnel and the number that exited!

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