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    1. The Nigel Gresley electric train set was introduced in 1938 with a valenced engine and an articulated set of carriages priced at 140 shillings
      It was reintroduced in 1947 with the engine renumbered as 7 with two teak carriages, one break/third and one first class. The price at introduction was 157/6 (157 shillings and 6 pence). It was discontinued in 1953 when it cost 175/-.

      Current value will depend whether you have the box and its original contents, the condition of the box and its contents. The prewar sets are rare and valuable the post war sets not really. Best to trawl ebay as they come up reasonably often and see what they are going for. At the moment there is a boxed loco (not a set) from 1948 at a Buy it Now price of £95. A set with a good box would obviously be worth more.

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