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Go to Andy Miller’s Blog┬áto see conversions of Southern EMUs from Hornby and Bachman and follow his progress on conversion to DCC on 3 rail HD tin track, Great stuff

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I have had to dismantle my layout due to domestic needs but am now in process of rebuilding different design in another wee room.

    GCan you urgently advise me on somethings?! I am putting it on old kitchen units to provide storage space, and a carpenter friend is helping with baseboard.

    Big Question – ply or mdf? I’ve used old chipboard in past, no problems, but thought I’d start afresh and discovered folk don’t recommend mdf as it can warp. It’s also very heavy. Joiner and neighbour recommend ply. But another older friend warns me against it as it’s very noisy!

    I’m planning to use polysterene underlay as before . Never found noise a problem with chipboard with underlay!

    Any help much appreciated before joiner goes off!

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