Another acquisition

Mmm, its sunday and another succes on ebay. This time its a Wrenn City of Glasgow which looks in very good condition. Price was about right, not cheap but inline with other sales that I have been watching. It does of course need to be converted to three rail before it can run on the layout. The extension to the layout will probably start next week so it should all come together nicely.
Image courtesy of the ebay seller I will post my own as soon as it is on the layout

Peregrine – Info on prototype

Peregrine was the last (34) Gresley A4 to be produced on 1/7/1938. It was one of the last four to be fitted with a double chimney. This means that the model is incorrect. The other main problem is that the number plate on the front of the loco was not fitted until after 1948. Now to the black wartime livery. There were in fact 3 war time liveries:

Scheme 1/. Unlined Black with L.N.E.R. on the Tender. Applied from November 1941.

Scheme 2/. Unlined Black but only N.E. on the Tender. Applied from August 1942.

Scheme 3/. Unlined Black but with L.N.E.R. again displayed on the Tender. Applied during the period April to August 1946.
Amazingly Peregrine received all three of these liveries. So what we have is the 1942 livery modelled on a re-painted Silver King. In fact this engine was re-named Lord Farringdon in March 1948.
Enough of all this the model looks good and after some extensive running no runs well – not the best but OK and getting better. It makes a great addition to the layout.
It should also be noted that Wrenn made an A4 in this livery but I don’t think that it was Peregrine.
The other purchase remains dormant awaiting a new armiture.

The new engines

I picked up the two engines this morning. Mike had complained to the auctioneers that the Sir Nigel Gresley had a dodgy armiture and as it was listed as refurbished this was an inaccurate description. He knows the auctioneers well and a rebate was agreed so the two engines came out at under £60. One A4 is Sir Nigel Gresley with the dodgy armiture in a shade of blue which is too light to be authentic but very nicely finished. We need a new armiture, hard to get hold of, or a new chassis so that this one can become a runner. At the moment it is a crawler and can’t pull any carriages.

The other A4 is Peregine in wartime black with NE on the tender. Very nicely finished and a good runner. I need to sort out where it will go on the current layout as these engines were bought with an eye to the extension where there will be room for them.

More Trains

There was a local auction at Kidners in Pennington. It was on Wednesday so I couldn’t go so Mike King bid on my behalf. A wrenn City of Glasgow in BR Blue went above my bid limit as did a messed about with Lyme Regis ( with BR numbers but still in Southern Greem) but I did get a HD lot which consisted of two re-painted A4’s. One in Wartime black and the other in blue. Haven’t seen them yet so expect to post more tomorrow with pictures. I think that they were good value at £70 for the pair.

More track

As it is November the project to add an extension to the track has started. Jamie has measured and is getting the wood. He can get it at half the retail price as he is a registered tradesman. Should make it relatively cheap and he will also help in the build. Current job is to move the bookcases on either side of the workshop to make room for the extension. Hopefully the project will be complete by Chrissy.

Lyme Regis – information

Lyme regis was one of the Southern Railways Pacifics designed by the chief engineer Bullied. The originals were all built with airflow bodiies (streamlined) as pictured in the gallery on the Merchant Navy Class, Lamport and Holt Line. The airflow bodies were removed as well as many other modifications after the nationalisiation of the railways in 1948, soon after this Bullied left to go to Ireland.
So Lyme Regis was built in Sept 1945 and numbered 21C109 as an airflow. It was renumbered in April 1949 as 34009 by British Railways. It was rebuilt in July 1960 and taken out of service in Oct 1966.
So what Wrenn produced was a rebuilt Lyme Regis in Southern Green but not the right green which should have been Malachite, much darker, with Southern markings and a Southern number. In this configuration it should have been in BR Brunswick Green as 34009. But who cares it looks great and runs well

Lyme Regis

Three pictures have been posted on the Hornby Gallery of the latest acquisition. This is Bullied West Country class pacific, Lyme Regis made by Wrenn. It has been converted to 3 rail by Mike King. The conversion, like my Wrenn Merchant Navy, does not involve changing the wheels. This means that one set of wheels remains insulated which does give problems when going slowly over HD points. The loco stops and has to be helped by the hand of god but at running speeds there is no problem. It has been given three Pullman coaches by Wrenn as these have the same type of couplings. Their problem is that they have had their roofs painted black at some time so I have to decide whether to try and remove the paint or leave them as they are – a decision for laters.

Lyme Regis

The Bulleid West Country locomotive Lyme Regis produced by Wrenn duly arrived on the Thursday before leaving for our mini break to Ireland. It was in excellent condition with very slight fading on one side as it has obviuosly been in a glass cabinet. Nothing excessive and nothing to worry about. I took it over to Mike for conversion. I expect to pick it up later this week. I have posted the picture that was on ebay but will be posting my own pictures once I have it on the layout.

Buying again

After a period of inactivity brought on by the numerous summer jobs I have been successfull on ebay. This time it is a Wrenn rebuilt West Country locomotive called Lyme Regis in Southern Livery. This is a two rail loco which I will have to get converted to 3 rail by my local expert Mike King. This is an interesting engine as it is a rebuilt West Country in Southern Railways livery. I don’t think that this actually happenned in real life. The West Countries weren’t rebuilt until they were in the hands of British Railways but I am open to correction by anyone who reads this and knows better. It looks good, is unboxed and the only problem is that the ebay description mentions slight fading on one side, we wait and see.